Wednesday, January 26, 2011

End of January - Little Progress...

The end of January is quickly approaching and so far, I have made little headway with any of the things I said I would.

My Athena Glory costume has the dress made, but I have not hemmed it at the bottom and I have not painted the pattern on it. The shirt had a second iteration, but this version was also not quite right. I'm giving it another go, but also being extremely slow about it.

For the Sailor tiaras, I'm trying to figure out how to make the edging on the sides of the tiaras. I'm using brass and I have mapped out the shape of the tiaras. The edging is just holding me back. At first I was thinking of making some kind of stamp out of wood since the brass sheets were pretty soft, but it hasn't developed into anything.

As for Super Sailor Pluto's boots, I just need to get around to buying the fabric. I just recently paid off my Christmas present bills. That's just a matter of my cash flow starting to build up again.

So that's that. I have 5 more days in January and I highly doubt I will get a shirt made, a dress hemmed, patterns painted, tiaras stamped/folded/magicked into shape and polished, and boots made. If any progress does go well, I will post an update with photos soon.

My goal right now is to finish my shirt base, get around to hemming the dress, work out the stencils for the painting and getting to the store for some black stretchy fabric. (No, Goose, not for a slinky black dress, ya goof!) As for my previous plan, it all is getting pushed into February. This includes the completion of Athena's uniform, the Pluto boots and figuring out the edging of the tiaras.

I realize that these are more excuses, but I will do better next month.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'd like to think that I have a fairly valid reason as to why I haven't touched any of my costumes, planning or otherwise, since early September. Long story short, I made a huge life change in October, which included changing to a new job in a state that's 2000 miles away from my old one. I moved in with Nave and things have been pretty hectic since then.

I'll post some progress shots of the embroidery once I get the first one finished and once we have internet at home. Stupid comcast.