Thursday, January 19, 2012

Progress Halted

We're well into the month of January, but little has gotten done between Goose and myself. I still need to buy two more colors of fleece, since painting big blocks on the fleece, even with fabric paint, won't get me the look I'm going for. Fabric paint doesn't play nice with fleece and give it a crusty look and feel. (Not fun at all!)
It will still work with the design stamping that we'll be doing all over, but to get the checkered quilted look, I need to get more colors of fabric. (My cats will probably want to make the piles of fleece into their own makeshift beds. Note to self: pack lots of lint rollers)

Goose and I haven't been able to work on construction or even design since we're in the process of moving right now. We're moving at the end of the month into a much bigger space, so hopefully by February we should have some semblance of order and be able to focus our attentions more onto our cosplays. Still don't know what I'm going to do to get that plush-y soft look in the mascots. I want something that will hold it's shape, but not require a bunch of layering. My first option is some kind of foam, but standing inside of foam inside of fleece in Baltimore at the height of summer? I'm sure that whenever Goose and I get out of the costumes, we'll be either much thinner from the sweating in our own personal bodyshaped saunas or just very stinky. I think intake and exhaust fans will be our friends. As well as ice water camelpaks and those squirt bottles with little fans. Also foam sucks to cut without a reciprocating saw (much like those electric carving knives some people use during Thanksgiving.), which we don't have. I was also considering quilting batting, but that runs the risk of needing a lot of well placed layers and more layers means more heat. Lovely in this freezing cold we're experiencing now, but not so lovely when you're navigating the crowded, sweaty halls of Otakon.

So the tl;dr of it is that Goose and I are still brainstorming.

I'm just pumped about moving, having Kaye and Lira visiting in the middle of February and finally starting the construction process of our cosplays. I'm currently motivated for all those things, but I've been slacking very much in my workout. I've been unable to get myself to go do it with all the other things that are in the air right now. I know I need to force myself to get to that too, but right now, I've been using that time to pack and spend time with Goose.

I'm hoping that when things settle down, it'll be easier to force myself back into that stuff. But I'm not making excuses for myself. I've just been mad lazy. *kicks self in big butt*
Maybe the next time I post, I'll actually have pictures for you! (I can only hope.)