Monday, October 24, 2011

Plans Made and Plans Cancelled

As it is the last week of October, Goose and I have been making some decisions. We've decided to cut out four of our six costumes we were planning for Otakon 2012. With time, money and general lack of workspace, it would be better to focus our attention and time to one costume for each of us per year.
That also means, unfortunately, that we won't be able to be in a group cosplay with Kaye and Nave, but that can always wait for another time when we have less things to buy and more space for a workshop. (We will be in between apartments soon.)
So for this year, Goose and I will be dressed as Milo and Ilo (respectively) from the Xbox arcade game Ilomilo. *fanfare*
Ilo - blue; Milo - Red: Image from: link 
We loved the game and we love any excuse at all to make couple cosplays. We have some fabric that I bought at Joann's for 50% off (thanks to awesome coupons at the register). I just need to see if the paint we bought for it will get the effect we're looking for. We already are imagining how hot these mascots will be but it should be a fun process from building the frames, to making the skins to learning the dance. (Yes, they have a dance.) We've already decided that we will have to invest in some Camelbak packs to strap on while we're inside and install exhaust and intake fans anywhere we can. We're just excited about the new construction possibilities and that there will be pieces for both of us. Goose will work on the structure, design and building of the frame, as well as figuring out how we'll hold these on our bodies. I will be working on the design of the body and skins as well as any props we decide to bring along. Hopefully, it will come out well and recognizable.
Wish us luck!