Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Contacts Came In!! (Picture, too!)

The mail came in with the colored contacts we bought from Pinky Paradise.
Kaye bought a pair of the Super Pinky Violet and Super Pinky Greens for her various costumes.
I bought a pair of the Super Pinky Wine Red for Pluto and Super Pinky Greens for Athena Glory.
I like how the colors can be subtle but really show up in the light. 
When you use the coupon code HOLLYANN,  you get three free cute animal contact cases and some other free gifts. I'll include pictures of those when I get home today.

In other news, working on the tiaras, sleeves and gloves for Kaye.
Here is one of the bases cut out of .020 brass sheets. I need to engrave the edges and drill the ends to thread the elastic through. Then polish, seal and glue on some soft foam on the underside so it's not right on our head.
Must. Channel. Stoic. Pluto.
Athena's bases are done, but I'm still waiting for our work area to be clean, since paint + dust = FLAIL.
Less than two months to go!

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