Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost October!!!

Hello, no one in particular!

Well, it's almost October and very little has gotten done on our side. Goose and I have bough materials for our mascot costumes, but things have been put on hold for life stuff. Stupid life. Can't ever just sit back and let us do our hobbies.
We just need to wash the fabric and test with our paints for it to see if we can get the look we're going for. Then build frames and buy a ton of high density foam (which costs a ridiculous amount, by the way) for softness. There's a lot to do for Otakon 2012 (Yes, we already have a full docket of costumes) and so little time to do it. Kaye and Lira are both coming to visit in February so Goose and I have really about four and a half months to get things at a point that we can start working together. And really we won't be able to do much in April since Goose and I will be unavailable. (But that's not costume related.) So essentially we have nine months to complete six costumes and three props.
Hopefully, we can continue to put into our savings and buy all the materials we need. (Might be a pipe dream.)
Currently, we will be working on two mascot costumes. Since it's getting closer to Halloween, Joann Fabrics should have some sales on patterns, fabric and materials and those cheap costume shops are all open meaning it might be an easy time finding cheap prop bases.
Also, hopefully this year we can avoid late night final costume sewing at Otakon by starting early. That way it will be a relaxing (at least, as relaxing as Otakon can be) vacation for all of us.
Right now our list of responsibilities is as follows:
Goose has three big props to work on and engineer, and two frames to build for the mascots. That prop count may increase if Lira decides to join the group next year.
I have six costumes to sew for Goose and myself. Kaye and I are collaborating on materials and build technique, but both of us will have to sew the costumes separately since we are so far apart.
Madhouse (from my last post) wants to join us again next year and is making her first cosplay. Hopefully, we'll be able to document that progress as well.
Here's to hoping we can finally get started on our things.
*fingers crossed*

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