Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FABRIC (aka how my kitchen table looks right now)

Going to be a huge loser and buy/return a sewing machine. all of the red fabric is already cut & prepped as desired...cut freehand without pins. aslkdhdgshdfj. Need to do something about the Fire Nation emblem on Azula's top, too. Probably just going to do a winging-it-all run at Michael's & Joann's tomorrow.

Trimmed down the green t-shirt to mod, sliced open the shoulders along the seams, and am probably going to be hemming eyelets FOREVER to thread ribbon, like I did for these shorts for a music festival last month:

...except about 5x the number of eyelets... sigh. (whipstitching the slits I cut into that denim was also annoying, but I didn't trust a sewing machine to be as meticulous as I wanted to be. I'm also just getting my feet wet again...let's face it, I'm still a giant sewing noob and don't trust sewing machines for anything but hems & straight seams for now x_x)

speaking of which, here's the first t-shirt mod I did, last month:

9 days!!

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