Thursday, March 22, 2012

One More Thing!

Source: Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures
Or three more things...

Goose and I will be working on some another set of cosplays so that we won't have to be melting in our portable sauna all the time.
Source: Zoe in all her badassery
Source: Wash's Flightsuit
We love Firefly and we love Serenity so when Kaye said that her and Nave were going to be making some, we thought we'd love to join in on the action.

Right now I have only worked on the planning for things to buy and roughly how we're going to go about making these. I've bought the patterns I need for Zoe's shrug, vest and pants and have already started altering the pattern for the vest. I'm trying to get the muslin mockups to fit right, so I know exactly how much pleather I'll need for it. Our nearest Joann has the right colors, but all the upholstery pleather is about $22/yard (*DEATH*). So exact measurements will be pretty key since our budget it tight.
Cut out the pattern pieces on Whole Foods bags
Muslin pattern pieces after I figured out where I want my seams to go
A huge help to this process has been the dressform that Kaye bought me last Christmas. It's nice to be able to fit something and have it not on my body. Goose tries his best to help, but this really takes out a lot of the guess work.
Assembled, but not sized yet
We're also going to be working on/helping Madhouse make a Kaylee costume. I don't know which costume for Kaylee she's looking to do, but I've been looking at the screenshots and none of them look incredibly hard, except the poofy dress (No poofy dress, Madhouse!).

After we can buy materials and start working, I don't predict that our Firefly costumes should take too long, except constructing Zoe's signature Mare's Leg. It's good that we are doing this one now, since Goose and I were lacking a relatively comfortable cosplay for Otakon this year and we've been wanting to do Zoe and Wash for a while.

Can't wait for the end of April and can't wait for cosplay construction!

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