Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Progress

Since this weekend was a long weekend, Goose and I were extremely productive. After I finished cutting out the squares from the last post, I stitched together the panels for the four sides of Ilo and Milo.

(Picture heavy post after the jump. But all the stuff I've posted to Instagram.)

All Ilo's panels
Stitching Milo
Milo's panels: Each mascot has two types of panels with alternating patterns
Goose and I took a trip to Home Depot to get some 3/4" diameter PVC and connectors for Milo's frame. Goose wanted to experiment with his frame first so when we build Ilo, it will be much easier.

If you look closely, you can see one of our cats in the background.  
We put the frame together based on my theoretical measurements. Goose might need to adjust it depending on how the foam fits since the mascots' shapes are going to rely heavily on the foam.
Here's a height reference. Goose is 6'2" and he's holding it above his head.
Goose and I need to build our cardboard frames for putting the Great Stuff in for our foam shapes on the outsides of the mascots and work on the face of Ilo and Milo.

Also, I've also been buying up the supplies we need for Zoe and Wash, minus the fabric and zippers.
Plastic Toy Mare's Leg that is the right length
Choco and Hazel Super Pinky Contacts from Pinky Paradise
We need to put together the trigger mechanisms for the Mare's Leg and we'll probably cast a solid resin base out of the hollow plastic pieces to avoid breaking any con rules with the gun. The contacts are for my Zoe since I have very dark brown eyes to lighten them a shade or two. I also bought a Hawaiian shirt for Goose that will work well inside of his pilot's uniform, or on top of a brown jumpsuit if we ever decide to make more Wash outfits and long boots that will fit around my calves for Zoe. I forgot to take pictures of them for this post, but they're pretty nice. My wig should be here tomorrow, so if I can get more work done on either Ilo, Milo, Zoe, or Wash, I'll post some more pictures. Hopefully we'll be able to be as productive this coming weekend.

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