Saturday, August 4, 2012

Let AX 2013 planning commence!!

So right now we're super motivated and getting our ideas together for next year's con already! We'll see how long this keeps up for me >>

This is our costume list for now. We're doing an MLP group and a Pokemon group as well. I'm also going to be making a Battle Angel Alita/Ganmu costume. As in Gally in the Last Order series with the crazy damascus blade butterfly knife.

So onwards to reference photos!

(I may or may not be slightly buzzed from inhaling alcohol fumes while cooking, and Nave had me try one of his favorite beers. Beer + Me = CAPSLOCK)

I. Rainbow Dash - Sporty raver kid version

I'm actually fairly excited for this because I'll be attempting feather wings (and everything that goes with custom coloring feathers...), streak dyeing a wig and most of all... I CAN USE MY FAVORITE PAIR OF NON-WORK APPROPRIATE PANTS! As in my baggy white UFOs. I already have the colorway for the wig figured out, to boot.

II. Assassin's Creed III - Connor 

I've been wanting to make a costume for Nave from this series (he really enjoyed the first one's game play and got through most of the game). The only problem is that he wilts when it comes to the heat, and the first two coats and accessories were too crazy for my abilities.

Then along came Connor. I actually have a lot of white twill lying around somewhere in my fabric bins, so all I would really need to get is the blue twill for the decorations and the lining fabric, a red sash and all of the accessory materials.

III. Pokemon Gijinka - Articuno

So I wholly blame Akira for this. She emailed me a series of gijinka designs and asked if she should do Moltres or Articuno. I voted for Moltres because it's a BAMF bird and she looks great in warm colors.

Then I thought about it and decided that I wanted to do a faux-couple cosplay with her. ... And then the hanfu design came into my brain. This is going to be a mostly original gijinka take, I hope. Plus I have an excuse to seriously research sergers now, because there is no way I'm not doing rolled hems on that much chiffon @_@

Nave is going to do one as well, but we don't know what yet.

IV. Battle Angel Alita (Ganmu) - Alita (Gally)


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