Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Swag, AX 2013 Plans, and Update

Finally an update! 
Goose and I got a ton of things from this year's Otakon.
 (Warning! Picture heavy post ahead!)

Alpaca & Fat Sheep are buddies

One of my favorite pieces of swag from Kaye

Who doesn't love MLP alcohol bags?
As Kaye said, Otakon was kind of lackluster for many reasons that I won't get into, so we've decided to take it across the country and see the largest anime convention in the US.

I will be making four costumes for Goose and I with the possibility for a fifth for Goose and a sixth for Goose's sister (my sister-in-law!), if everything goes to plan.

For Pokémon, Goose will be Mudkip (#258) and I will be Moltres (#146). Goose's Mudkip will be a beach bum costume, which will be very comfortable and mine will be a Moltres hanbok (한복: Korean traditional dress) which will be pretty easy but not really made for complete comfort.

For My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Goose will be Big Macintosh and I will be Twilight Sparkle. Kaye and Goose both pointed out that this is the first group cosplay costume that we've done together where I am the main (mane, lol) character.

I've already bought all the wigs from Epic Cosplay where the quality, color selection and styles are amazing and the customer service is top notch.
Mudkip: Shaggy Teal Blue Short Cosplay Wig

Moltres: Autumn Gold Ponytail Cosplay Wig

Big Macintosh: 15" Autumn Gold Short Cosplay Wig
Twilight Sparkle: 36" Midnight Blue Straight Cosplay Wig
All of the wigs need some kind of modifications. The Mudkip needs to be trimmed in the front, the Moltres needs to be colored, styled and wefts added for volume in the ponytail, the Big Macintosh is in serious need of trimming and styling and the Twilight Sparkle needs colored wefts added and a serious hair cut.

So far I've started on the Moltres wig. I took a red sharpie to one of the wefts I bought in the color to test the gradient I was using to get the ombre effect that will be taken through the wig and the fabric of the design. 

The color took pretty well, so I started coloring the back base of the ponytail wig with the red. The ombre effect will mostly be in the bangs and ponytail that will be added to the wig.
Parted to tackle one layer at a time.
You can't see it but the tips of the parts I've colored are still orange and gold to simulate the fire from Moltres' wings and feathers.

I've also put together a design sketch for the embroidery that will go on the bottom of Moltres' jeogori (저고리) or coat.
Fire element with the fire trigram underneath
My brother, sl33pdead, who is great with graphics and art, is helping me with a fuller design and cleaning up my lines. There will also be a fire element symbol from the trading card game on the tie of the jeogori.

Trying to keep up productivity so that we can make our costumes as detailed as we imagined and properly sewn.
If Goose's sister can come with us, I will be helping her put together her costume for Applejack and if Goose wants to, we'll work on his Prototype costume.
Otherwise, this is my to-do list for now.

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