Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Progress for PAX East 2013

Goose and I are attending PAX East this year and one of our friends had asked if I would put together some Jedi Robes for him, specifically Obi-wan Kenobi from Episode 2. I said that I would make them for him as a belated Christmas gift.
Picture Heavy Post after the break

So we bought the fabric together, got his measurements, and then life got in the way and I only had about 3 weeks before PAX to make it.
And what a journey that was.
I bought Simplicity 5840 since the other pattern that had star wars costumes was discontinued.
Simplicity 5840: i.e. not very screen accurate...
This pattern does look a lot like a jedi robe, but leaves much to be desired, since they are not screen accurate. The inner robe is only a dickie (Goose says I only use the word because it's dickie.), which means that it is only the collar and not the body or arms. So I ditched that and used the outer robe pattern, but adjusted the sleeve size so that it would be tighter.
My dressform is for the boobs.
This was a little awkward to do since I did not have our friend to try on the sleeves over and over again, like I do normally. So when we had a fitting, I had to let out the arm pits to allow for more movement. Still unsure if my technique worked.
The over robe was pretty straight forward. I followed the pattern pretty closely and put in ties on the sides and fronts to secure both the under robe and over robe. The only thing that the over robe was missing was the shoulder flare-outs which I stitched in attaching the sleeve hem to the shoulder hem about 1.5" - 2" inches up.
Over robe: Our window screen is Totoro, painted by my brother.
The tabards and obi were pretty straight forward since they're just rectangles of fabric. I secured them to the outer robe with snaps and velcro. One side of the obi is stitched to the outer robe fore extra support.
I didn't make the leather belt from the reference picture, so I used one of my fashion belts.
I also made a pair of pants (well, capris; also, not pictured) from the rests of the lightest fabric, but had to use the pattern from this link that Kaye sent me. I was complaining to her about how the pattern completely lacks a pants pattern, so she aided me with internet searching prowess. I added a drawstring element since I didn't know if they would fit properly. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that cosplay glob will go easy on me.

The outermost robe was probably the easiest, despite having to add the same shoulder flares. The only issue with that was that it was SOOOOOO much fabric. For the first time ever in my cosplaying years, I ran out of thread.
A lot of swearing ensued...
But it came out pretty well and I was pleased with the end result.
Now I'll be working on our MLP:FiM cosplays, but I don't know if they'll be ready in time. It's not a big deal since our big con is in July, but it's always fun to dress up and have pictures with other cosplayers!
Twilight Sparkle sweater vest.
If we do dress up, a lot of our cosplays will be closet pieces since I need more yarn for my sweater vest and I haven't dyed the fabric for my shirt and nylons. Also, I am lacking character shoes. Oh, cosplayer problems.
Hopefully, there will be more progress soon!

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