Thursday, June 20, 2013

Progress towards July

So taking two accelerated grad classes in the month of June while working on the majority of my costumes is probably not the best idea ever. But I'd like to be done with school by next Spring so them's the breaks.

Since the last time I updated, I finished a bunch of pieces for the con.
Lots of pictures below the cut.

Made some jewelry dangles for my Moltres hair sticks
I made three messenger bags for all of the girls with their stenciled cutie marks on the cover, lining that pertained to each pony, and hardware that was powder colored for each pony according to this pattern from the No Time to Sew blog.
Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash's completed messenger bag

The lining to Rainbow Dash's bag
All stenciled cutie marks

All special linings

All hardware
I finished my outfit for Twilight Sparkle, but I need to add some snaps or hooks to have it sit well.
Twilight Sparkle: original design
I changed the buttons since this picture to purple ones and made a petticoat to make the skirt flare out more. I finished sewing Goose's bandana for Big Macintosh and bought character shoes for both Moltres and Twilight, but I need to adjust the Moltres ones as the heel elastic does not stay on for more than a few steps.
I also bought a paper fan to serve as Goose's Mudkip tail and some accessories to go with the outfits.

What is left:

Twilight Sparkle
-finish the petticoat
-add hooks to keep shirt in place
-UPDATE: make cutie mark tie

Big Macintosh
-make cutie mark patch
-buy character shoes

-buy character shoes

Mac from Foster's Home
-make green backpack

Goose is still working on my horn and our ears, but he's making good progress. Hopefully this weekend he'll be able to cast them.
We made a lot of progress this month, but we only have a couple weeks to go.
Hopefully it will all come together in time. If not, spending time with friends at a con is always fun, but being in costume makes it even better.

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