Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Updated to do list

So the boy is taking a math class and my commission is bigger than I thought it was (because people weren't clear at the number of girls). I'm revising my to do list because I get asked to explain problems in the midst of sewing.

Rainbow Dash:
- Finish dyeing feathers
- Assemble wings 
- Finish coloring wig
- Add elastic to waist and ankles
- cutie mark stencil!

- Add snaps to overskirt, belt and tabards
- Make hair accessories

Ash (gen 1 variant):
- Make doofy shirt/vest
- Find and alter green gloves

Zuko (Blue Spirit variant):
- Add zipper, hem and fit shirt
- Add elastic and hem pants
- Add bracers and shin pieces 
- Bandolier
- hood
- mask ties
- Sculpt, mold and slush cast mask 
- paint swords

Zuko (Team Avatar variant):
- Add snaps to belt and shirt
- Add elastic and hem pants

Katara (Battle/Invasion variant):
- Bending Pouches
- Finish gloves (sort of; Finished wraps. need to buy gloves)
- Finish pants (hem and waist band)
- Finish tunic (all of the white parts)
- Make greaves and gauntlets - needs painting and elastics attached
- necklace - needs painting both to be attached together

Katara (Fire Nation variant):
- Add snaps to tabard, bracers and necklace
- Find gems for necklace
- Finish altering shoes
- Make bicep and ankle rings
- style wig

Bloo (Human closet variant):
- Stencil shirt (bought shirt!)
- Find wig

- Finish cutting and serging fabric parts
- Assemble armor
- Order hardware

Can I do all of this in less than three weeks? I sure hope so.

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