Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Otakon 2011: Kaye displays her masochism.

I've been accused of being extremely detail oriented. Very detail oriented.

It's an issue, sometimes. This means that I end up being more than slightly masochistic when it comes to picking and choosing costumes. The past few days has just been me staring at the costumes that I'm going to be tackling and plotting a plan of attack. Akira and I are going to be attacking the sailor senshi costume together and divided the work up (she's doing the collars, shoulder piping, glove piping, her boots and the bases of the tiaras, I'm doing the skirts, the skirt piping, the bows and the jewelry/gems. I'm attacking the wigs for myself and Kitaku and possibly helping Akira with hers).

This leaves one elaborate costume for myself, one elaborate costume for Nave, one frilly costume for Kitaku and two easy costumes that are pretty much just copies (plus wigs). Possibly another less elaborate one that I can wear once the crazy one is done with the judging and the photos. I have less than a year.

My costumes.

One of the main ones is the chapter image for chapter 10 of Tsubasa. It's the crazy head dress, with the crazy embroidery. I'm also the kind of person who would add on personal touches.

This means that there will be hand embroidery (I need a better embroidery stand), there will be beading on the edging of the symbol on the tabards and the edging of the overrobe, and there will be a crazy petticoat and train.

The headdress is going to be at least 2 feet across (it may be a tad bit more, depending on how the dangles have to be spaced). Part of the reason why Nave's "elaborate" costume is the white Syaoran costume on the cover of book 4 is so that way he can herd me around people so I don't poke their eyes out or their throat.

So far, all I've done is plot out the craziness that's the head dress, gathered the materials for the sculpts and looked rather mournfully at the purple fabric I have for my overrobe. I don't think I have enough.

Shopping trip ahoy.

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