Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, here's my attempt at a working cosplay blog. Kaye, Goose and I make up Pokoteng Cosplay, named after President Aria Pokoteng from one of my favorite anime series, Aria.

Goose and I have attended Anime Boston 2008 and Otakon 2010, which was just this past weekend.
Otakon 2010 was our first attempt at real cosplay ("real cosplay" being not something we pull out of our closets that vaguely resemble characters) as Chell from Portal and obscure Aperture Scientist Bob complete with ASHPD and Curiosity Core. Unfortunately, we didn't keep a very good documentation of our prop and clothing construction.

So this time, in hopes of Otakon 2011, we will be keeping track of our progress through our several costumes. This is a way for us to look back at what we've done right, what we've done wrong and a way to motivate ourselves if we fool ourselves into thinking that someone out there is watching us.

Kaye is a veteran Otakon cosplayer and a good friend of ours who has sort of mentored us in the construction phase. She's an awesome seamstress and prop maker as you will see in posts to come.
This Otakon, she was Xianghua and made two other costumes for other people.

With that said, welcome to Pokoteng Cosplay and please keep watching for updates!


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