Sunday, July 8, 2012

FMA progress, an Inara vest and a Malcolm coat!

So ever since I got this new phone, I've been taking a lot of my progress shots on instagram and posting them on twitter.


Here's what's been happening:

Malcolm Reynolds

I got a reproduction of his gun from the movie a while back from Amazon, and have been working on finishing up his coat. I hate making coats. Really hate making coats. I'm trying to give them second chances every single time, but I just really start swearing at the material :| After three (separate) days of pinning, cutting, and sewing, here's the result:

I still need to add some vinyl pleather to the cuffs, and finish off the hem and add the wooden frog ties, but Nave has a coat!

And a shot of the inside. Nicely lined and everything even though the lining made it way more staticky grumble mutter grumble

So the only thing that we really need to do is find a red shirt to weather, make the holster and add a strip of brown down the side of Nave's old-and-a-little-too-tight khakis. Oh, and he needs a hair cut.

Inara Serra

I'm still staring at this pile of chiffon and wondering how I'm going to cut this damn overskirt without ruining the fabric too much that it can't be salvaged. With the first version of the skirt, it was so staticky that I didn't want to fuss with it too much. Ah, well, I have to get it sewn by the middle of this coming week so I have enough time to paint the flowers. The gold jump suit needs straps (and to be tightened once the date gets closer)The vest base is done and in the process of painting.

That was after about 30 minutes of free handing the designs while squinting at the screen caps that I have on my phone. I have a bunch more screen caps that I took while watching Serenity the other night. The plan is to up the contrast, print them out, trace the design on to the vest using tailor's chalk first and then add the puffy paint.

Then the necklace. OH GOD THE NECKLACE.

Xing Ninjas

Nave's pants need to be gathered and have the zipper added on, but it's pretty much the hardware that's left aside from altering our gloves. I'm going to start working on the chest plates once I'm done posting here, but here's some progress shots on the masks.

Tracing out the eye holes and the nose shape
After apoxie sculpt build up and the blank mask
Both masks with the build up and drying. I need to reshape the one on the right a bit more.

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