Monday, July 30, 2012

Mare's Leg, Part 3

In Part 1, we found a toy Mare's Leg gun, filled in the gaps, and created a two-part mold.
In Part 2, we resin cast a solid Mare's Leg.

Now for the finishing details!

Lots of pictures after the jump.

After the apoxie sculpt patches were dry and sanded down, we started painting.  First, two coats of Rustoleum white primer for plastics.

White primer
The primer dried much more matte than the picture suggests, and it was thin enough that the fine features such as the fake wood grain are still visible.  The remaining parts are brown ("wood"), black ("cast iron") and metallic.  We didn't have time to differentiate the metallic bits, so we only used brown and black.

Since the black is textured, we painted the brown pieces next.  One coat (plus a few touch-ups) was enough to get a solid color.
Brown pieces painted
For the black, we just masked off the brown bits with masking tape (sorry, no picture), then sprayed everything.  Again, it really only took one coat, plus a handful of touch ups.
Black "metal" pieces
One concern was that the masking tape would rip off the brown paint, but thankfully it didn't.  Here are a few shots of the finished product:

One last detail was the handful of bullets that Zoe carries on her holster.  For these, we just took a mold of the plastic ones that came with the toy gun, cast them in resin and spray painted them.  Here are a few action shots:

And all done just in time for Otakon!


  1. Can I order it?
    If so what are the costs?
    I would like two of consenting i like thet

    1. Hey Alexander!
      Thanks for the comment. We're not currently selling anything since we're just posting a blog about our own cosplays and props, but thanks for the inquiry!
      Keep watching our blog and hopefully one day we'll open commissions.