Monday, July 16, 2012

Massive Productive Weekend!

This past weekend was the only full weekend that Goose and I had for cosplay, so we made the most of it by working from 8 am to 10:30 pm on Saturday and 7 am to 10:45 pm on Sunday. Here's what we did!

(Warning! Image heavy post after the jump!)

On Friday after work, I did some cutting of the knife out of wood so we can get to sanding and painting soon.
Tracing the picture onto the wood

We live in a three apartment building so we can only really carve, cut or make loud noises during the day. Goose says that as soon as we are looking for a new place (which won't be for a while) we should look for a detached or semi-detached home to be able to work later.
Friday night, I dyed our Kaylee fabric that was too tan to a nice industrial olive green/tan.
This is why you wear gloves when you dye fabric. Derp.

Then, I finished fitting Goose's jumpsuit and installed the zippers (while poking myself with pins at least 40 times this weekend alone). I had to reinstall Wash's main jumpsuit zipper 3 times before I was pleased with it because it wasn't evenly matching up at the top and the center band.
And luckily this jumpsuit has seven zippers total showing. I'm getting very skilled at installing zippers...(/lies)
Round 3: Zipper:2 Akira:1 (FINALLY!)

Cara approved of the completed jumpsuit. Or wanted to sleep on it.
Then I worked on making the templates for the patches for Wash and Kaylee on the computer.
Drawing Kaylee's flower patch. Cara is helping.
Drawing Kaylee's teddy bear patch

Stretching the picture of Wash's chest patch so it lies flat for tracing

Digital rendering of Kaylee's patch
Spent the rest of the day helping Goose with sanding trigger bits, then cutting out parts of the pleather for Zoe's shrug. It still need a lot of detail, stressing and work, but it's slow going since my machine does not like pleather a whole lot.
Forcing my machine to cooperate
Madhouse came over early on Sunday morning to get started on her costume. I measured her for the pattern, cut out the fabric pieces of the fabric I dyed Friday night, sewing it loosely, pinning it to fit her, installing zippers, hemming and adding her collar.

It still lacks her pockets and the patches, but we've already printed two and we're working on the teddy bear patching, since it needs to be made in parts. Our embroidery machine only works in a 4"x4" space, so anything larger needs to be segmented and placed carefully.

I'm pretty pleased with how the patches are coming out and I'm very happy with the embroidery which takes out a lot of guess work.

After Madhouse left, I was working on Zoe's shrug with the help of Goose pinning things around me. Today will be shopping for things we need, working on Zoe's vest, Goose working on the Mare's Leg more (which I'll let him post), sanding down the knife, working on my wig, and working on finishing the patches and details for Wash and Kaylee since they're so near completion and it would take a load off my mind.

Zoe, Ilo and Milo are our main concerns for this week. This weekend, I have a hair appointment, my birthday dinner with my family and meeting friends on Sunday, so we're hoping to get a lot of things done this week and a little next so that come Otakon, we don't have to bring any construction materials to the room. It will be crowded enough with Ilo and Milo sitting in a corner. (Sorry, guys ._.;;;)

Goose and I have been getting up early and staying up late to finish everything in hopes that by next week, we won't have too much to do to stay up. And hopefully next year, we'll start with more than a month before the con.
Wish us luck!

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