Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mare's Leg, Part 2

In Part 1, we sourced a toy Mare's Leg gun, filled in the gaps, and created a two-part mold.  Let's see how it turned out...

Lots of pictures after the jump.

First pour of resin
Our first attempt at pouring resin into the mold was a bit of a mess.  We didn't have the two halves clamped together tightly enough, so a lot of it came out through the gap, especially at the bottom of the mold (it stood upright on the barrel of the gun.  A lot of the resin also shot out through the air holes on the loader and hammer.  With all of this resin missing, there wasn't enough for the entire mold, and you can see the empty shell at the left.

For our second pour, we were more prepared.  The mold halves were clamped together tight, we poured the resin slower, and we had clay on hand to plug up the air holes once the resin reached that level.
Mold clamped and full of resin
This time was much more successful!
All that flashing!
First and second attempts
There was still a lot of flashing and bits that needed to be cut off, but there were no major air bubbles, and the entire mold actually filled with resin.
Sanded down
After cutting off the extra resin, then a lot of wet sanding and washing, the gun was almost ready to be painted.  There were just a few small defects to fix, with the help of Apoxie Sculpt.
Apoxie Sculpt filling in gaps
Next steps are sanding down the patches, then priming and painting.

Continues in Part 3...

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