Monday, July 9, 2012

Progress update (AGAIN)

- Finished gluing the base of my chest and shoulder pieces for Lanfan (must buy heat gun for wonderflex shaping around the edges)
- Gloves 25% done
- Bracers about 50% done (still need to make the outer sleeves for Old Man Fu, attach the clips to that one, add the decorative wrist piece on one of Lanfan's and both of OMF's)
- Finished one gold tie for the Lanfan mask
- Carved out the excess stuff that I don't need for both masks (must get more fine grit sand paper to start sanding..)

Tomorrow, I plan on finishing the sleeves for OMF's bracers, make the lycra leg sleeves to go over our shoes (once I find it in my bins of fabric..) and draft the beginnings of the greaves as well as finishing my other glove.

And we both need a hair cut at some point. I need bangs and face framing layers again, and Nave needs to have about 2 inches of his hair chopped for Malcolm. 

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